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“To all at Platt Halpern. Thank you for all the support. Thank you very much for all your support from the housing department and for the welfare benefits advice. Sadly this will not be the same any more due to the cuts that will be happening. Massive thank you to KC who has helped me in housing advice.” AH


“Thank you to DJH for doing such a great job on my behalf and for your patience and perseverance. Best wishes” CB


“Dear DJH, just a short note of appreciation and a small token of our thanks for your help and skills over the last 3 ½ years. With our best wishes for the future” S & J


“Many thanks DJH for your advice and guidance over the past few years. Best wishes.”


To KC “I would just like to thank you for your hard work and advice during the awful time with X. A good result and thank you for taking a chance with my case. Many thanks.” From KH


“Hi K,
I am overwhelmed with a great ecstasy following a positive outcome from the Home Office.
May I kindly take this opportunity to express my deeper gratitude and appreciation for all the effort you put behind my case. The Home Office granted me refugee status. I was personally touched by your level of concern about my situation and how you quickly responded to help and more importantly your level of professionalism and the humbleness that came with it, very rare qualities to come across.
Should I need your services in future, I will definitely get in touch with you.
Have a wonderful day.”
From Happy Martin


“Please pass on our kindest regards and thanks to the human powerhouse that is Miss NA. She tried her utmost I know to get Sid’s medical treatment improved or to get him released early and again all her efforts and the time she talked to talk to me about the case are greatly appreciated and again we we all know for no financial gain, just because she genuinely cared and obviously does care about people being treated fairly and with dignity. I have had direct experiences of several legal firms during the last few years and I can honestly say that if anyone asks me to recommend an outstanding firm and it is something that Platt Halpern can help with then yours would be my first and only choice.” CK


“NA you were brilliant, I could not have asked for better service and advice. My family and I are ever so grateful that you saved me from prison. Thank you.” MK


“I have been a client of Platt Halpern solicitors for about 10 years and over this period NA has been in charge of all my cases, from low level cases to big cases. Over the years I have found myself getting in trouble with the law numerous times which I am not proud of but I always know I can turn to my solicitor for help knowing 100% that she is there on my side and fighting my corner. One way or another I have been connected to gangs in my area and this connection got me arrested for two murders. I was innocent on both occasions and the best thing was that NA knew this too and had full faith in me showing me full support. At the time this kept me strong and focused.
I was really confident that I would not be charged through the fact I had NA as my solicitor and the knowledge she has in criminal law. NA saved my life that day and I will be forever grateful and thankful I had her as my solicitor. I have met a lot of solicitors in my time and can honestly say that NA is a great solicitor and the best. I want to thank her for all the help she has given me over the years. I recommend Platt Halpern as a firm that takes pride in what it does.” SJ


To NA “Thanks a lot for winning my case. Thanks for your advice. I’m very grateful to you your work is praise worthy. Thanks again”


To NA “Just a short note to say thanks again, for those of us who are not persistent criminals it’s a huge weight off my shoulders”
S and DJ in Manchester.


To NA “Thank you so much for your help on Monday. I know this case was not in line with your normal cause of action but I am so grateful” SW


To NA “I just want to thank you for everything you have done. I personally think you are really good at what you do and wish you all the best in the future” CF


To AW “The biggest thank you to you in the world again and again and again. You deserve all the very best in your life. I wish you and your family all the best luck in the world forever. You helped protect me from all the lies put against me. Thank God it is all over and I can move on from this bad time. Thank you, Thank you” From S


To AW “No words can describe how grateful we all are to you. All the very best wishes from us all. Thank you for all your help and support you gave S at this difficult time. We all really really appreciate it. God bless you for a happy life.” From family and friends of S


To Miss KH “In November 2012, SF was the duty solicitor that dealt with this case. She was very prompt in responding to my calls regarding the nature of these charges and the consequences that may follow. The next day at the Magistrates Court SF spent time with me fully explaining the situation. She was very patient in her approach and ensured that I fully understood all the relevant information regarding the case.
Every meeting that I have had with SF concerning D she has always been upbeat and positive; thus encouraging me to have a favourable outlook on the matter. S displayed a caring attitude towards D and this was very much appreciated by both of us. At all times she was committed to the case and always on hand if advice or explanations of procedures were required.
It is evident to D and I that SF is an excellent solicitor who is both efficient and caring. Overall, I could not have asked for better representation for D. I feel SF is a credit to your firm (Platt Halpern) and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Solicitors who are so giving with their time are rare.
Again I wholeheartedly thank SF for her excellence.”


“Once again I got to praise your solicitor MP. I was in today at 3pm 30th May.
He as a great future that young man. Treated my daughter YD with total respect.
Has great eye contact and listens, fantastic communication skills. Never once did he interrupt my daughter when she in full flow.
My daughter and myself feel great comfort and support from him today. Win or lose we know he doing his utmost to keep her in her home and we respect that .”


“Thanks a lot TS. I couldn’t have done it without you. I will never forget you and the good that you have done….you just saved my life and my family as well.” From MK


“KC thank you very much. You have been very helpful form when I came to Manchester and I was homeless. Really appreciate all the right advice and help you gave me so that I could stay” from MJ and ES


“Dear KC words cannot measure how much my son and I remain grateful for your kind information. You have thought so much hope to well life. You are a special solicitor and therefore deserve a BIG THANK YOU” from C & J


“Dear DJH it has been a pleasure working with you and I can only say that Mr R could not have had a better solicitor. You gave you all to this case and no one can ask more. Thank you again for all your hard work.” The from PR.

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