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The number of cyclists in Manchester has increased by 90 percent in a decade and conditions have improved. Despite these initiatives, there is still a lack of awareness of cyclists on the part of other road users. Added to this, uneven road surfaces and broken cycle lanes at busy junctions in areas like Rusholme and Fallowfield used by students and other riders mean that accidents involving cyclists are still common.

At Platt Halpern, our dedicated personal injury team pursues claims by cyclists vigorously, ensuring that we obtain the maximum amount of compensation and get them the best medical and rehabilitation care available.

Bicycle Injury Lawyers: Oldham And Surrounding Areas

Unlike other road accident victims, many cyclists are reluctant to start a claim for personal injury. The law recognises that cyclists are highly vulnerable and other road users have a duty of care towards those on bikes.

Handling Your Claim

Like other personal injury claims, if your opponent, or his or her insurer, disputes liability, we will need to obtain evidence to prove to the court your opponent is liable for your claim. This will involve obtaining documents, witness statements and possibly expert reports. In cycling claims, your case can be strengthened by:

  • Seeking medical help so there is an immediate record of your injuries
  • Taking photos of the accident scene, including photos of any defects in the road
  • Obtaining contact details of any witnesses
  • Asking local witnesses how long any defect on the road surface has been there so we can establish whether the council has taken steps to repair it

If liability is established, or it is admitted, we will also have to prove the value of your claim by obtaining medical evidence to substantiate the nature of your injury. We will need to prepare a schedule of financial losses and expenses that you may have suffered and then prove these losses are reasonable by appropriate documentary and other evidence.

In cycling accident claims, where head injury and other serious conditions may need to be assessed, we work closely with medical experts to ensure that the full extent of your injuries and the nature of any future medical treatment and rehabilitation are included in your claim.

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