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If you are arrested or taken to a police station, you must seek legal advice before you speak to the police.

Our police station team are able to offer immediate advice and assistance to those under arrest or attending as a volunteer 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Call 07977 402020.

We recognise that the police station stage of an investigation is often the most crucial and that the advice given there can have an enormous impact on the course of the case. Whether you are a regular visitor to the police cells or a professional such as a company director, teacher, nurse, care worker, police officer, prison officer, parent, once arrested you are treated like any other suspect. We believe all suspects have one thing in common: innocent until proven guilty, and our experienced team of solicitors and fully accredited representatives will do everything within the rules to ensure your best interests are served.

We regularly advise clients across the full spectrum of criminal law matters, including summary only offences such as common assault, shoplifting and road traffic offences to more serious offences such as murder, fraud, conspiracy to import drugs or firearms and terrorism.

We also advise at all interviews where criminal offences are under investigation, such as investigations by local authorities for benefits fraud, Trading Standards or Customs and Revenue investigations.

Legal aid is almost always available for this area of work.

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